About Server Control Panels

The control panel is essential software that makes things easier regarding the management of a site and the server hardware as well. Such software is able to fully automate a great number of otherwise problematical tasks, such as creating and managing email boxes, FTP accounts, various databases or domains. These processes are usually taken care through a highly user-friendly graphical user interface, accessible via the usual web browser. With the help of a control panel even an unskilled or with limited computing and website knowledge can easily manage a web server and all the ins and outs of website maintenance.

Control Panel Software

Control panel software is created to simplify the management of server through point and click interfaces. These programs are usually able to automatically set up and handle a wide range of applications, including important programs such as mail, web database servers and FTP. A good control panel will make more efficient the managing functions for web hosting providers and webmasters as well.

Is a Control Panel Necessary for You? If you have a Linux operating system on your server, a control panel is indeed necessary. In the case of Microsoft Windows operating system you might not need such software because the Windows platform offers an integrated control panel through the Microsoft Remote Desktop System. Basically, with a Windows operating system you will need a superior control panel only if you need certain special features and management capabilities.

Luckily, numerous web hosting companies are offering free control panels with their private or dedicated server packages. There are still some companies where you have to pay for such feature, but with so many available options online, you should easily locate hosting companies that offer management software for your server at no charge at all. If you are not very familiar with server management, or you don’t’ have an experienced IT team to properly install, set up and manage your applications and web services, a control panel is the best solution you can get. This wonderful and amazing software will surely simplify your life as a webmaster and server administrator.

Selecting the Proper Control Panel. Generally, all control panel applications have similar basic functions and do their best to best serve the same general goals. Nevertheless, each control panel comes with its own specific features and capabilities that make them one of a kind and different from the others. It is really important to find tried and tested control panel adequate for your special needs. You have to make sure that the control panel is compatible with your server and its operating platform, regardless if it is Windows or Linux. This is a highly important aspect as most control panels are usually made to be run on one platform or the other. One of best ways to settle on a particular solution is to play around with some of the available demo control panels offered by many hosting providers to find out the one that best suits your needs and expectations.

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